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Frequently Asked Questions

Prior engaging the services of a Private Investigation Company, there are many questions that a customer will have in mind. Below are answers to some common questions which may help you in your decision making:

Question: What do I look for if my Private investigator is trust worthy?
Answer: Ensure that your private investigator has a valid licence that is issued by the Singapore Police force. Do not work with an unlicensed company. Check if the private investigator has his own office.  Ask if his investigators are licensed.  

Question: What are the charges like when employing a private investigator?
Answer: Charges varies from the period used to complete the investigation. Call us for a non-obligatory quote.

Question: Are the investigation report, DVD and photographs part of the quotation given?
Answer: Yes, no additional charges should be incurred for these materials/evidence.
Additional charges are incurred on extra expenses like dining in a restaurant, movies, discos, entering places of interest, etc... and all these should be done only upon the approval of the client.

Question: What happens if no concrete evidence is gathered at the end of the investigation.
Answer: No private investigator firms would be able to guarantee 100% concrete evidence gathered at the end of the investigation. Beware of those who make such sweeping statement. Should no firm evidence is collected, one should ensure that the investigators are indeed working on the ground on the appointed dates. You should ask for a video clip or picture of the location targeted or ask questions related to the area of investigation.